5 Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

Often times, the kitchen is the center of the home and the hub of activities.  Whether you are joining your family for an evening meal at the dinner table, cooking up a feast for the yearly Thanksgiving gathering, or simply enjoying board games on the table with your loved ones, the kitchen is often the place where food and fun are abound.

As such, the kitchen is a place that you want to be clean, tidy, welcoming, and enjoyable for all of your guests.  This is one of the reasons why kitchen remodels are among the most popular choices when it comes to household remodeling projects.

At the same time, however, the kitchen can be one of the more difficult undertakings with residential remodels.  Along with the expense, kitchen remodels are often inconvenient to the household during the remodel process.  However, despite the difficulties, the kitchen continues to be a popular choice and can transform your home, giving it a fresh, modern look.

If you are on the fence about a kitchen remodel and are wondering why you should take on this project, here are 5 reasons to take the plunge and go for it:

    1. Increased Value: Often times, homeowners will remodel their kitchens with the goal to increase the marketability and value of the property.  A freshly remodeled kitchen can significantly improve the look and appeal to prospective buyers – certainly more than an older and outdated kitchen.
    2. Energy Savings: Despite the cost of a kitchen remodel, it brings opportunity for long-term energy savings.  Adding skylights or windows to bring in more sunlight can reduce the need for artificial light and cut the energy bill.  Also, more energy efficient appliances can be installed to cut the utility bill.
    3. More Convenience: Older kitchens can also have inconvenient spacing, walking, or cabinet issues.  For example, opening the refrigerator door may mean blocking part of the hallway for someone to walk through.  A kitchen remodel presents the opportunity to replan the kitchen layout and improve convenience, making it an easier space to live in and be around.
    4. More Personable: Your kitchen may have been perfect for the previous property owner, but for you it just isn’t working.  A kitchen remodel gives you the chance to make everything more personable to suit your style.  From cabinets, to shelves, to tiling, to color, a more personable kitchen can make a great difference in a happier living environment.
    5. Children: Depending on if you have children and what their ages are, a kitchen remodel may help with safety and organization.  You may want to remodel in order to expand cooking space and make room for larger meals, replace countertops with sharp edges for child safety, or lower the cabinets for convenience.  

    Kitchen remodels can be a big undertaking, but the end result can leave a drastic improvement in the look and feel of your property.  Before choosing to remodel, make a list of all the features you like and dislike about your current kitchen and what you want to change about it, then reach out to a professional to discuss your options.  We hope this article helped you decide to move forward with your kitchen remodel, we know you will be happy you did!