Commercial Construction Vs. Residential Construction

Commercial Remodeling Dallas

When looking at construction companies, there are many things to consider. One of those things is which type of construction company you actually have to hire to get your project complete. There are several types of construction companies out there, and they mainly fall under two categories: commercial and residential.

So, what exactly is the difference between the two? That answer depends on what level of work you are looking for. Commercial construction is geared toward very large projects, even building skyscrapers and bridges. Residential construction contractors are called for smaller projects such as building a garage on to your home or renovating a kitchen. There are always exceptions to these, as some companies offer contractors that know how to do both.

Commercial Construction

There are many things that set commercial construction apart from residential- one of them being material used. Commercial construction is often very large and functional buildings made with a concrete or steel structure. One of the bigger differences is code requirements for certain building types, such as fire safety, egress requirements, and handicap accessibility. This is something you don’t often see in residential areas. Commercial construction is aimed more towards bigger buildings with more intricate infrastructure needs such as elevators, parking areas, cafeterias, public restrooms, etc. Commercial construction usually costs much more due to a larger building, which requires more workers, material, and consultations. Commercial construction can require an architect, a longer project period, and workers have to be extremely skilled in knowledge of all large building design styles.

Residential Construction

For your cozier projects that are closer to home, a residential construction company or contractors is who you would get ahold of. In residential, obviously everything differs from commercial- plumbing, electrical, functionality, and of course space. The rules between both are completely different. In residential, you are more likely to see construction done with wood rather than steel or concrete, though again, there are always exceptions. In the personality nature of things, residential contractors are more aimed to listen to a person or family’s certain needs, whereas commercial contractors refer to an architects design. It is also aimed more towards smaller projects that take less time and are cheaper, such as renovations and house add-ons.

Which one is best for me?

It should be pretty simple for you to determine which style of construction fits your needs better. If you are a homeowner looking to make your home more spacious or possibly tear down some old walls, even if you are looking to build an entire small building such as a shed in your backyard, it would only be natural for you to select a residential construction company or private contractor in your area. It is very important that you make sure these are licensed professionals with a history of excellent work and notable success stories or before and after pictures. On the contrary, if you are constructing a large business from the ground up with multiple stories somewhere in the city by a bunch of other large buildings, then commercial would be your option.

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