Why You May Need A New Roof- 3 Warning Signs

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Budgeting a new roof in your life can make you feel uneasy for many reasons. You might be worried about the total price, or you might be worried about who you should hire to get the job done efficiently. Residential and commercial roofing is something that needs to be maintained over the years- natural disasters and wear and tear do happen. Is it time to repair your current roof or install a new roof? Read on to learn the warning signs of a faulty roof, it will potentially save you thousands of dollars in damage.

1. Your Shingles Are Distressed And Curling

This is something you can very easily check simply by looking. If you can see the shingles on top of your roof looking ragged and curling at the ends it is time to get new shingles installed. This is one of the first warning signs of a faulty roof that will quickly lead to leaks and further damage if you don’t replace them.

2. Missing Granules- Check Your Gutters

If you can’t see what your shingles look like, check your gutters. One of the quickest signs of a defective roof is seeing particles of the shingles in your gutter. Granules from shingles are commonly expelled through the gutter, and shingles lose more granules as they are nearing the end of their life.

3. It’s All About Age

Consider yourself lucky if you already know how old your roof is and the last time it was repaired. When you know these details, you can start planning for a new roof ahead of time before an accident happens. Experts suggest that the typical roof has a healthy life of about 20-25 years. Also, it depends on if your current roof is one layer or if it was built over an old roof. If your roof has more than one layer and is over 20 years old, it’s definitely time for a roof repair/replacement


A new roof for you may not be a “need” and it may be more of a “want”. Many people want a new roof installed strictly for cosmetic purposes, and there is nothing wrong with adjusting things to make it more your taste. It is completely possible to tear down your current roof and install something more aesthetically pleasing.

Final Thoughts

There are noticeable signs that you need new roofing installed or some simple repairs taken care of. The roof is easily the most important part of the house- sheltering you from weather and disasters. Many people who put off roof repair can get leaks and incur water damage, adding another expense of water damage restoration. Observing signs of a potentially dangerous roof disaster is very important and you can take preventative measures to avoid further damage to your home than can end up costing much more than a roof installation. Call our team at MBC Services if you need help determining if it’s time for a new roof for you!

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