Project Description

Name of Property: District A Condominiums
Project Description: Construction Defect Corrections and Renovation
Property Size: 20 Buildings, 189 Units
Location: Addison, Texas

Our Clients on this Project were Interstate Restoration and the District A Condominium HOA.

Scope of Work

  • Foundation stabilization
  • French drain and root barriers added throughout property
  • Roof repairs and cleaning throughout all 20 buildings
  • All trim removed around windows and correct flashing was added
  • Wood rot replacement throughout property
  • Paver corrections made throughout property
  • Brick veneer repairs throughout property
  • All cast stone fronts were removed and reinstalled correctly throughout property
  • Miscellaneous interior repairs were completed on 135 unit
  • Flashing was added on second floor balconies
  • Many balcony repairs were executed throughout property
  • Pergolas and columns were repaired. All Pergolas were repainted
  • 90 Exterior balcony doors were replaced and correct sill pans were added
  • All Painted surfaces were prepped and painted at projected completion on all 20 buildings.