Room Additions: Creating Your Personal Retreat

Room Addition

Room additions can be a vast assortment of fun and unique designs added into or onto a space. For example, you might want a simple and small book nook added to the master bedroom, or you may be interested in changing your boring and unused spare bedroom into a fully decked-out home theater. From mild to wild, it’s extremely important to hire a team with excellent contracting and engineering skills while keeping your budget in mind and creating a stress-free process for you.

What Is Considered A Room Addition?

The simple answer to this question is basically anything you want within your own personal budget. Some hot room addition examples are sunrooms, conservatories, modular octagons, garage conversions, bathrooms, kitchen extensions, bonus room additions, porches, decks, lookouts, and nooks.

Technically, anything that further extends your current living space can be considered a room addition. And whether it’s for you, your whole family, or someone else, it will be a retreat.

Why Should I Consider A Room Addition?

Apart from simply wanting to, adding to any room of your home will both increase value and add character, whether it is a large or small project. Consider that spare room that never gets used or that awkward space in your living room that is impossible to decorate- what could it become? Ultimately the choice is yours and the possibilities are endless, but our team of intelligent and home-savvy contractors can help to create that extra space you are envisioning.

What The Process Is Like?

The process of a room or home addition will depend on the project size and the complexity of what you want built. Room additions are something that many people have turned into DIY projects, however, the DIY process can take years, thousands of dollars, damage, and never-ending stress and complications. A room extension with our team is not only cost-effective, but it can take as little as a few weeks or months (if it’s a large add on) all you have to do is sit back and relax.
The process will begin with an understanding of your desires and your budget. From there, we will design your dream room addition and tweak anything you want to customize it. The work will begin when everything is exactly to your liking and all you have to worry about is when you will throw your first deck party, or how you will decorate the new addition.

Take Home Message

Before you get overwhelmed, remember that a professional team of experienced contractors are as proud of their work as you will be, and the money spent on any type of room addition can seriously increase both the value of your home and your own personal comfort. Your house is meant to be your home, and modifications can easily be made to suit both your life and a future buyers life if you ever decide to move. All in all- small, medium, or large room additions can make your living space less of a house in more of a private retreat

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