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Fire Damage Restoration Dallas

Fire restoration can be a short process or a long process, all depending on what damage was done. With proper fire restoration experts, it’ll look like a fire never happened and you will be comfortably living in your home again after the proper steps and procedures are completed.

Where do I start?

If you’ve had a fire in your house, whether small or large, it is important that you call for restoration very promptly. Fire damage can spread well after a fire is put out, and an assessment by professionals can save you a lot of extra time and money from further damage.

For example, if a fire burns a hole in a wall or ceiling, weather will get inside and you may have to deal with water damage on top of fire damage. Always be sure to contact professionals immediately to assist you.

What fire restoration professionals will do first:

There are a few steps during the restoration process that will take some time after you’ve made the call. The first step in the process will be a detailed damage assessment that will require a team of professionals canvassing your property.

They will create a detailed list of how bad the damage has affected your home- such as how far the soot, fire, and smoke have traveled and what furniture has been destroyed.

Prevent Further Damage & Cleanup

Because fire damage and water damage tend to go hand in hand, your fire restoration team will usually begin by adding tarp to prevent water entering a large area and sealing up areas that can cause leaks. By doing this, the risk of extra damage decreases and you save more money.

Quite often, a house fire can cause a pipe to burst and sealing up these areas will save extensive damage to the rest of your home.

The cleanup process may look impossible to you, but fire restoration experts are trained to rid your home and appliances of the dirty charred look and smoke stains throughout the affected area.

At the same time, water restoration will happen if there are any related problems. This will include using a large hose to remove water from areas and cleaning/sanitizing carpets and all odors will be removed that linger after a fire.

Lastly, the restoration team will remove all furniture or utilities that are destroyed beyond repair. Sometimes certain areas are affected more so than others, such as a carpet being badly burned or furniture that has retained excessive amounts of water. It is best to throw things out that are badly damaged because they might cause future problems like mold growth.

Repairing and Renovating

Depending on how extensive the damage done to your house is will determine repairs and renovations needed. You may have shelves or cabinets that were completely ruined, and it might be necessary to install new ones. The fire restoration team will always do their best to repair areas before replacing them, so if they are salvageable they will most likely still be there when you return.

Most companies go above and beyond when it comes to restoration and will leave your house looking brand new from the inside out, which can be a huge silver-lining during this stressful time. Repairing and renovating may even make your home look better than it did from the beginning. Every team wants the same result as you do- to get you back to living comfortably and safely again.

A Final Consultation

After your team has successfully treated your home, they will walk you through everything they changed and everything they restored/renovated. A short brief on fire safety will be conducted to help you out in the future and you will be able to move back into your clean and hazard free home.

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We hired MBC for two renovation projects - a master bathroom and an exterior patio. Overall we had a terrific experience with the MBC team - every person involved was extremely professional and courteous, and they worked hard to complete both jobs on time and on budget. The quality of the work has been amazing, and the team has been extremely responsive to any follow up questions we've had. I would definitely recommend MBC Services for any large or small projects.


It's rare that one is able to gauge the wisdom of a decision of a chosen General Contractor in a side by side analysis. Due to a tornado destroying much of my neighborhood, I was able to do just that. Neighbors were struggling to get call-backs from their contractors, stay under budget and get work done on time. For me, moving back into my home was a seamless project made more tolerable by the excellent communication, timeliness and attention to detail that we experienced by working with MBC. At every turn, Michael made us feel that all questions were welcomed and encouraged. The quality of the craftsmanship and level of pride in the work being done was always paramount for the entire crew. And when things that I wouldn't have even noticed were not to Michael's level of expectation, they were quickly rectified without issue. Overall, I couldn't be more impressed by MBC's work or recommend them more highly for any sized job.

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